Zombie Frontier Apk + Mod FT Game

Zombie Frontier is the choice of the 15 Million users of android device which made this game super interesting also presented as the top class game. This game has been reviewed by 1.5 million people and still counting ! can’t believe check the play store stats. This game is prepared and developed by FT Games. This game is totally free to play and install but alsZombie Frontier Apk + Mod FT Gameo supports the ad and also in-app purchases. This game is included in the list of arcade games but i think it must be included in the list of the action games. This game is suitable for the kids of age 12+ because of blood shed and firing and killing of zombies with horror graphics. I have been playing this game and enjoying a lot and i have also crated the game play which will blow you mind with superb graphics. There are some of the features of the game that are as follows

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Keypoints of Zombie Frontier Apk + Mod:

There is some information from the background of this game. There is a doctor evil who has  created a virus which make the human zombies and these zombie attack on the humans to feed their selves.  You can say that this is a world war in which there is unlimited and massive killing of the zombies and humans

  • There are more then 15 weapons with the feature of upgrade that you can use and enjoy and also use in killing the walking dead.
  • You have already played more games on zombies but this game will blow you mind with superb ideas of using of the weapons and also different materials of weapons.
  • There are different kind of weapons and they are also customize able which means you have some freedom in order to chose and use the weapons.
  • There are 6 characters that has different powers and you can use them
  • There are 3 world maps that you can use and these maps has multiple scenes like 21 backgrounds and 126 levels.
  • There are shocking and thrilling sound effects and graphics

Video of Zombie Frontier  Game Play:

There are some of the features of the game that you can see when you play this game or either you watch the game play of the selected game

Download Zombie Frontier Apk + Mod:

There are two links for downloading this app. The first link is from Google Play Store and the other link is for the mod app in which there are unlimited coins and money is given to you. The app that you will get from Google Play Store is latest version but the version that you will get from the mod link may not be updated version. Play this game along with 29 Million other people and check the reviews of 1 million people that how they think when they given 4.4 stars on average rating of 5 stars. To complete the process of downloading and installation you must need to have android version of 2.3.3 on your mobile. The average size of the game is 15 mbs.

Download From Google Play Store

Download Zombie Mod Game