World Conquer 3 Apk + Mod Apk V 2

World Conquer 3 Apk + Mod Apk V 2 1Welcome users to this amazing game that is World Conquer 3 and this is a strategy game in which you have to conquer the world with the wits. This game is developed by the EasyTech and this game is totally free to download and play this game in which you have to get the medals in order to move freely and also you will love to play this game when you have the good amount of the medals. This game will make a military career for you so that when you are in some place you will have a good hold for your command. There are different features and specifications of the game that are as follows:

Features of World Conquer 3 Apk Mod:

Here are few details about the game that is as follows:

  • There are different campaigns in the career mode that you will be amazed to see them in different difficulty levels and also there are 150 plus military tasks and there are challenging modes in which you have to show your commanding skills to other people and then you can also promote the other people of your command to the ranks of general and other new posts and designations
  • There are different patterns to attack on the world in order to strong your empire
  • When you are in other country you will have lack of the supplies and also other materials
  •  There are 200 plus generals which will ave the experience of the world war will be invited and also this game is all about the modern warfare so you will love to see the wars and also other things that are most important
  • When it comes to the military units there are 130 plus military units which are ready to help you in the cold war
  • There are different weapons that you can use the chemical weapons, nuclear weapons and also space weapons so need to worry in the war

Video of the Game Play of World Conquer 3 Apk :

Here are few information in the written form but a video will show every thing for the game of world conquer 3 there is also mod version of  the game with unlimited medals

Download World Conquer 3 Mod Apk:

Here are few details in which you have to see the links in order to download and play the game. These links are from app store and also there from the downloading source.

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