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Here is new android app that is My Talking Angela apk. This is a talking app inmy talking angela apk app which there is a character which will repeat when you speak in the speaker. This beautiful app is the production of Outfit7 and it is casual app. Top developers of this app has been producing more app and games so that you can enjoy them. My Talking Angela has reached more then 100 Million downloads and reviews are more then 4.6 Million. This app requires android version 4.6 to be completely installed on your device. You are too free that you have nothing to do , then here you go for the adoption of the baby cat whose name is Angela please take care of Angela because she is a cute pie and also has different habits too. That is not a typical cat which eat, sleep and shits but she also has a sense of fashion and hair style stuff. This cat not only knows about the fashion stuff but it also has a sense in order to play the games and she love the mini games. Below there are more features of the game and also link to download and don’t foret to read the review which we have posted.

My Talking Angela Features

There are some of the features of the app that are as follows:

  • You have to adopt the baby angel so that you can brought her up and also you need to train her for the teeth brush and all other things that a kitty must know
  • You have to feed her with the delicious food to nurture her. When you are sincere to her she will become your best friends
  • There is also makeup which you use to make her superstar and also you can use “Lipstick, eye shadow, blush, ” and much more random stuff you can use. This feature is to make the Angel customize in looking.
  • There are some of the mini games that you can play and also you can make your kid Angel sharp minded and intelligent by solving the these mini problems
  • You Angela is a fashionable kitten so be make her fashionable with the best costumes and unique hairstyle
  • Take care of her because she is a rock and star and she does not like the dirty stuff. There are also some stickers and different levels to achieve.
  • You can customize the whole clothes of the Angela which means that you can also be a fashion designer.
  • There is hell lot of stuff to be unlocked so that you can enjoy the classic angela
  • ┬áThis app is safe and secure to use and also this app is PRIVO Certified

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Download My Talking Angela Apk

There are two links to download the talking Angela and these links are from Google Play Store and also the other from the Zippy share or other file sever. WE didn’t host any file of apk on our server. Feel free to share and even you can ask for more android apps and games we will be enough happy to guide you. Here are the links for the app

Download From Google Play Store

Downoad From Zippyshare apk