School Days Apk Download Mod

Welcome to the School Days Apk with the mod enabled and this game is awesome becausSchool Days Apk Download Mode of the new featured of the school and this game is developed by the top developers of Google Play Store and they are MDickie and this game is a simulation game in which you have to make the decisions for the class and also behavior of the class. There few specifications of the game that are as follows

Features of School Days Apk:

There are some of the features of the game that are as follows:

  • This game is free and also there is a in-app purchases in which you can move faster in the game so that when you will share your level you will be rocking in the game
  • There are simple controls in which you can run, pick up the items, taunt, and attack on some enemy
  • There are also these buttons can be used with the mixtures like you can attack while running
  • There are different performance settings so get ready to understand that how you this game will work. School Days Apk Download Mod 1
  • There are two million people who are playing this game and also enjoying the game

Video of Game Play of School Days Apk:

Here is the video for those who didn’t have sufficient time in order to see the specifications of the game

Download School Days APk Mod:

Here are few link in order to download the game so that you can play the mod version of the game and also unlimited app store version game.

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