Punch Hero Apk + Mod V1.3 Game

Any one like boxing here. I am fond of boxing and joined the karate anPunch Hero Apk + Mod V1.3 Gamed boxing classed in the High School time. Punch Hero Apk game will make you a boxer because this game will test how you can play the boxing and the Game name is “Punch Hero” and the name should be “Boxing Hero” this game has been developed and designed by “GAMEVIL inc“. As we know that this game would be included in the sports category. Join the game with more then 10 million people from which half million people have already rated this game has 4.3 stars out o5 and this is big success in the market. To download and completely run this game you must have android version 2.3.3 and a free space of 27 mbs. Have you ever have a fight with some rebel then where you first hit “face” and that is most sensitive part of the body to hit.

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This game has also the same strategy that hit there where it hurts. This game  has cool graphics as well as you have very few points when you start and it is not easy to win when you play first time this game. This game is not build for the small kids so that they might learn that how to hit and when to hit. This game is amazing if you remain in the mobile and don’t try to with others. There is a video on this game which may be very helpful for you how to play this game.

Video of Punch Hero

Here is the video of the game play of the punch hero with the unlimited coins. This video will show you that when the game is mood how easy the game play is

Download Punch hero Apk Mod:

There are two links for you to play this game you know it is very difficult for you to win the game with very low points so there is also mod game in which you have unlimited lives and points to enjoy. The zippyshare link has its own importance because it will help you when you even doesn’t have any money and you start to lose every war then it is the best time for you in order to get the money in the hand and buy all those updated whom they want to get as in-app purchases. Make your own choice in order to download the game.

Download From Google Play Store

Download Mod Punch With Unlimited Lives

Bullet Points of Punch hero Apk:

  • Customization: You can customize your character with specific features and also you can add multiple features to your boxer which he can use in punching the other partner.
  • Powers and Action: There are different actions that you can use in this game like you can have the swift jabs, upper cuts and different breakout with brutal punches on the jaw and eye brows.
  • Skills: In this game as you move forward with the game you can build different skills and you can also but the skills to make your boxer more stronger and more powerful.
  • Graphics and Effects: This graphics of this game is immense and you will love it when you play this game for your character and for your fighting spirit.
  • Leader Board: There is also a leader board where you can see your achievements and other users can also share the scores when they are online

Reviews on Punch  Hero Apk:

There are different reviews on the punch hero apk which will encourage  you to download and install this game for your android device and this game is also supported on the tablets.

Great job!!!! I only played this game for two weeks and my boxer is lvl .29 max jab and uppercut already quick jab.quick hook quick uppercut is also ar 50%speed😃….once you know the technique in making money it will be easy”

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