Clicker Pirates Apk + Mod V 2

Welcome users there is new android game that is Clicker PiratesClicker Pirates Apk + Mod V 2 Apk and this is a role playing game. This game is developed by the new arising developers of Google App Store that are Grogshot Games, S.L. This game is in the category of the role playing games but it might be act as the action game with different weapons. This game is 100% Free to download and install but it also supports the in-app purchases which means that this game support the ads and also notifications on your android device. There is a special requirement in order to play this game which is that there must be 1 GB free Ram in order ti process this game. Below there are features of the game and also links to download the game

Clicker Pirates Features Apk:

There are few features of the game which are as follows

  • There are different heroes that you can recruit from your crew and also there are pirates,skilled swordman, shark men and also witches and your ojective is to catch them and also kill them all.
  • There are different objects and also rare materials like potions which you have to collect to survive.
  • There are different mini quest to complete in order to get the gold and this gold will help you to move faster in the game
  • There are different levels to complete and this will show that how much you are skilled in this game
  • good ranking

Download Clicker Pirates Apk + Mod

There are two links to download the game. The first link is from Google Play Store and the other link is from zippy share. The link from Google Play Store will give you that most updated file of the game and also good support from the developer. The zippy share link will give you the unlimited coins and also gold so in order to move faster in the game. It is your own choice to select the game

Download From Google Play Store

Download Mod Apk Game