Boom Beach Apk + Mod v1.12 Game

Welcome happy users of android app there is new android game is presented that is “Boom Beach Apk + Mod v1.12 Game“. This game is developed and designed by Supercell and is not a role playing game because it is the strategy game in which you have to defeat the enemies by attacking on their bases and also yoBoom Beach Apk + Mod v1.12 Gameu have to make your own era. There are wood making machines ,houses that pay you tax in the form of gold and also there are boats in which you will carry your soldiers to attack. You upgrade your soldiers and also make your camp in other island by defeating them.

There are number of island to whom you can fight and them defeat them and them these island will pay you taxes after every hour and the tax will be returned to you in the boats where you can collect them and use them in making your era and also your machines . This game has also other captain and also other online users to whom you can fight and claim your power. This game is named after the boom beach beach because this game has all around the sea and you can attack the power through the beach.

Download Boom Beach Apk Mod:

Super cell developers are awesome they have just made a way to busy all the people in the game for every hour you are curious that what you have got and what you can do more. So please download this game with the two links the first link is from Google Play Store and other one is from Zippy Share where you can get the mod version of the android app in which there are unlimited coins and unlimited money to play. You just require android version 4.0.3 to install this game. This game just require space of 150mbs in your mobile to be completed installed.

Download From Google App Store

Download Mod Boom Unlimited Coins

Features of Boom Beach Apk:

There are different features of the boom beach Apk that i can discuss with you in the bullet points

  • Build and Rule: Yes you can build more weapons and make your power strong and then you can attack and then you can use the resources of the other islands
  • Million of Users: Since this game is online so there are million of users on which you attack and you can play with with them and be careful they will also attack on you when you are not there to defend
  • Upgrade and Enjoy: You can upgrade every thing that you like to upgrade so feel free to upgrade in the mod version but in the original version you have wait till time is over

Reviews on Boom Beach Apk:

There are some reviews on Boom Beach which are in thousands sound interesting so here is the average review on the app.

Crack Very addicting only down fall and every game will have one. The down fall is how long it takes to upgrade thing when u are a higher level. “

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