Beast Quest Apk + Mod Apk Game Download

Hello users there is new android game that is Beast Quest and this game hBeast Quest Apk + Mod Apk Game Downloadas been developed by Miniclip and also this is a role playing game and you need to fight against the beasts. This is a top developer game which means that this game has awesome features to reveal. This is a top free game which means that you will didn’t need to buy this game but wait a second which means that you need to see the ads in the game and also there is options for in-app purchases. There is a wizard which means that he has attacked and also  there are different beasts that he have sent and also some animals that can  kill the humans in just one shot. There are more then 1 million people who have already installed the game. There are 99k people who had done the review on the game and the average rating of the game is 4.2. You must have space of 39 mbs in order to install the game.The required android version of the game is 2.3 and it must be followed.Now people are waiting for some hero and you are that hero whose name is Hero Avantia. This is the epic journey of the fantasy world but you will enjoy it. There are some of the ordinary attack animals and after that you will see the boss level and after that you need to face the giant beasts. When you are in the fight you will be able to kill the beast as fast as possible

Features of Beast Quest Apk Mod Game:

There are some  of the features of that are based on game play

  • This is an epic journey and also this is a old world for the people of the avantia
  • There are battles and in the starting you get success very fastly but after that you will getting harder versions and success is not easy.
  • You can collect all materials and also hidden powerups, There are also herbs that will make you healthy when you are fighting with the beasts
  • There are level ups and also upgrades that will help in order to success in the game
  • You need to master plan and when it is implemented you will clear the missions
  • There are different challenges and also secrete that will only be revealed when you in the game play

Beast Quest Apk + Mod Apk Game Download1

Download Beast Quest Mod Apk Game:

There are two links in order to download the game. The first link is from Google Play Store and other link is from Zippy Share. The Google Play Store Link will give the updated version of the game and also support from the developers. The zippy share link will give the mod version of the game and also it will give the unlimited coins and other items from buy from the game manual. You can follow the links below

Download From Google play Store

Download Mod Apk game