Age of Wind 2 Apk + Mod Apk Download

Welcome users to this game in which you will be fighting in the sea and yage-of-wind-2-apk-mod-apk-downloadou will love to control the ship and start firing on the others. This game is Age of Wind 2 Apk mod. This game is developed by Deemedya INC and this game is included in the category of the action and also arcade game. This game is free to download and also for the in-app purchases. In this game you have a small ship and you need to struggle in order to survive int he sea.

  • There are more then 17 ships and you have to buy them or you need to unlock them
  • There are 21 unique islands and also you will unlock them when you complete all stages of the previous stages
  • There are more then 100 battles and please make the good controls to win.
  • You need to tilt your smart phone right or let in order to control your ship.
  • This is a full simulation game.

Video of Age of Wind 2 Game Play:

Here is the video of the game play of the AGe of Wind 2 and this game play will show you that how to play the game

Download Age of Wind 2 Apk Mod:

Here are few links in order to download this game.The App Store version is also available and you can download it in the apk version with unlimited coins and money with the mod version of the game.

Download From App Store

Download Mod Apk