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Hello users there is a new android game that is age of civilization apk and this game is developed by tukasz Jakowski. This game is all about the strategy in order to conquer and get the rule of the civilizations empires. This game is totally free to install and download. The basic purpose in this game is to dominate the rule of the civilization of two planets that are Earth and other one is the Kepler 22b. These civilizations has been divided into bases Age of Civilizations Apk + Mod Apk Download 1of the provinces. In earth there are 342 provinces and on the other hand the kepler 22b has round about 404 provinces. You have to maintain the order in the planets and also keep in mind that it is your responsibility that you won the upper hand. Below there are more details about the game so get ready to read.

Age of Civilization Apk Specifications:Age of Civilizations Apk + Mod Apk Download

Here are few details that you will love to read.

  • This is a turn base game in which you will get the chance and then your opponent will get the chance.
  • There are orders that will be sent on the turn base. When you submit the order the civilizations are there to act upon the orders and follow them
  • There are maps for both of the civilizations and the most important one is that there are capitals of the civilizations and you need to check that how a civilization will take part in that.

Video of Game Play of Age of Civilization Apk:

There are few details which are missed in the text details here is the video which will help you to understand that how to play the game and what are the game features look like.

Download Age of Civilization Apk:

Here are few links in order to download the game. the app store link will help you to download the most updated version of the game and if you want to get the mo version of the game so that you can have unlimited coins and many other thing then the link is below the app store version link.

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